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"Sell Your Used, Old, Or Broken Laptop Online For Cash!"

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Highest Prices

We offer the highest prices for laptops because we don't take you for granted. Most other places are JUST looking to get the best products for the lowest prices. After all, that is the goal of any business, however; our goals also include keeping our customers happy and their wallets full!

We Accept Non-Working Devices

Besides total destruction with a hammer, we accept broken devices as well as working devices! Bad Hard Drive? Bad motherboard? Broken screen? Cracked housing? No problem! We will provide an honest quote for devices working or not!


Our website utilizes a secure connection so you can rest easy knowing your information will not be in the wrong hands. Not only that, but we also provide free device hard drive data wiping. Even though many customers prefer to destroy their own data, we do it again...actually 3 times, just to be sure!

Customer Satisfaction

If you're happy, we're happy! We strive to satisfy our customers everyday whether it be helping out with device identification questions, confirming a quote, or even just providing a walk-through of how to ship your device!


Let's stick to doing what we say and saying what we do. Don't worry about getting low-balled on a quote. As long as the device has been accurately described via the questions, your quote will be honored to the penny.

Payments are Fast

As soon as we receive your device, we will review the condition of it (described in the quote form you fill out). It only takes a few hours after we inspect it to send your money to you!


What better way to make everyone happy than keeping it simple? It only takes a few seconds to receive a quote when using our online form. Just a few clicks and you'll be seeing some numbers!

Free Shipping

Some places will ask you to pay for the shipping, but that's just unacceptable to us! We always provide free shipping for all of our devices that we purchase.

Make Quick Cash And Sell Online!

So you have an old laptop that you want to get rid of? Why not sell it to us and get some quick cash? Whether it's broken or flawless, let us recycle it for you and you could be in for a pretty penny for it! Before you throw it out, get yourself a quote from us!